Video voxpop: What is good customer service?

30th May 2008

Customer service has always been a key differentiator for businesses. However, in tighter economic conditions, customer service is a critical competitive battleground. But what do customers expect from their customer service experiences? In association with Vox Pops International, delivers the first in a series of video voxpops, where the general public shares its thoughts on key issues relating to customer service. In this video, members of the public are asked: what is good customer service?



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By EngagingTraining
02nd Jun 2008 21:33

Welcome: immediately greet customers in a friendly and professional manner
Hear: ask customers how you can help, and listen carefully
Accomplish: own the issue and take action until customers' needs are satisfied
Thank: thank the customer and invite them to return

That covers the basics for me!

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By s64650lou
23rd Jun 2008 07:20

Love the vox pop.
Shows we all know instinctively what good customer service is.
Whether it's professional services, mobile
phones or widgets.
How to give good customer service? Put yourself in your customer's shoes and do for them what you would want someone to do for you.

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