Tuesday, May 25, 2021 - 13:00 - 13:40

Who should be in a customer experience team?

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Who should be in a customer experience team?

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What are the skills and roles most important to today's customer experience teams? A panel of CX leaders share their own experiences of the all-important ingredients. 

When MyCustomer conducted a global survey of customer experience leaders 18 months ago, we found that the vast majority had the support of other CX team members, with only 11% of respondents having a sole member of the team, the CX leader. Nearly half (46%), had two to five dedicated members of the team. Meanwhile, quite a large proportion of programmes have fairly big teams - with 43% having 6 or more in their teams. So how big does your team need to be? And what skills and expertise do you need to have in it?

In this session, we speak with two customer experience leaders - Shaun Myers, director of supply chain & service, at chemical firm Brenntag; and Antonia Oakes, executive head of customer experience & responsible business, at financial services firm Old Mutual Insure – as they share what they have learned about the essential ingredients of a successful CX team.

We discuss:

  • What duties and responsibilities are in each leader’s team.
  • Do requirements change from sector to sector.
  • How do you establish what skills and expertise should be in your own CX team.

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