Founded in 2013, Zingtree is the leading platform for building and publishing interactive decision trees. Our clients use Zingtree for interactive troubleshooters, contact center scripts, medical, insurance, government, sales, and a myriad of other uses.

Our Story

Zingtree was first sprouted in late 2013 by the founders of Applian Technologies. Applian was seeing a lot of redundancy in supporting their software products, and as such the first Zingtree-like troubleshooters were hard coded into the support path. After seeing a 25% reduction in support emails, we knew we had a winner, and so Zingtree was started.

Seven months later, the embedded troubleshooter concept was turned into a toolkit that anyone could use. With lots of testing and feedback, the Visual Designer and Content tools came to life, reporting was added, and Zingtree was ready to branch out to real customers.

A few months after that, we started getting a lot of interest in live agent scripting and call center usage, so we made special agent-level pricing and reporting.

Zingtree's goal is to empower companies and individuals to give their web site visitors a quick, efficient and intelligent way of getting answers quickly, by providing an easy, yet powerful way to create, refine and embed interactive decision trees and troubleshooters. Originally designed to streamline customer support funnels, Zingtree’s users also include product teams seeking to gain deeper insight into the user behavior, sales and marketing teams looking to qualify leads, call centers, educators and more.

Zingtree is privately held and headquartered in Larkspur, near San Francisco, California.