Beginning in 2011, Zoom set out to improve how people communicate through video.

Traditional interfaces were basic and clunky. Connecting both audio and video took multiple steps. Lagging and unstable video streams were the norm.

Zoom changed all that and gave people newfound confidence to meet virtually.

By listening to our customers, we innovated to solve their most pressing challenges. Anyone could navigate our easy-to-use interface, and we made joining a meeting as simple as a single click. Because even one person having trouble joining impacts the broader meeting experience.

Perhaps most importantly, we architected our solution for relentless reliability. We were the first service built from the ground up and optimized for video, and it shows. Zoom just works.

Each year, Zoom continued to raise the bar on what enterprise communications could be. We expanded our portfolio to create a ubiquitous platform trusted by people and global organizations to help them connect in meaningful ways.

Zoom video