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MyCustomer is changing... On Friday the 27th of November we will be starting the process of switching over to the shiny new MyCustomer. From this point onwards we will have to temporarily disable registrations, login, the publishing of new content and the downloading of content. So, whilst you’ll still be able to read all the content on the site, you won’t be able to create or edit your own posts or comments. Normal service will resume during Wednesday the 2nd of December.

Top features

MyCustomer launches the ultimate practical guide to web analytics has created a comprehensive guide to web analytics.

How to measure the ROI of web analytics

Do you know the real value of your analytics investment?

Four ways to enhance customer experience using programmatic

What has programmatic got to do with customer experience?

Editor's note

MyCustomer will shortly be relaunching. And I'd like to explain some of the changes, and why they will make us the only resource that provides holistic coverage of the customer journey.

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