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Customer segmentation - again

Customer segmentation - again

It's a tired old subject, who would want to talk or read about it nowadays?! So old and tired that some seasoned know-it-all-s never bothered to learn about it all these years. They know their market segmentation form their biz school textbooks, don't they? (I bet even some members of this revered community are unaware of the difference between market and customer segmentation)..

The good news, for anyone remotely interested, is that the discipline of Customer Segmentation is not only alive, but ever more important - and evolving.

I drifted into thoughts on this evolution and the emerging new dimensions of segmentation in a recent article, and would welcome all thoughts of alternative approaches, or examples of taking the mentioned ones further.

In the early days of explaining the fundamentals I thought there aren't too many ways to skin a cat. Now I am not so sure. How many different ways do you know to treat different people differently?

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