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Half of firms investing in marketing attribution; reaping rewards

Half of firms investing in marketing attribution; reaping rewards

New research has revealed over half of organisations (54%) are now carrying out some kind of marketing attribution, driven by the rise of mobile and social channels.

According to Econsultancy’s seventh Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, Making Sense of Marketing Attribution, marketers are keen to build their understanding of the customer journey by examining the role that channels play. 

The survey of more than 700 digital marketers found nearly half of client-side respondents agree that mobile has increased the focus on marketing attribution; compared to 20% who disagreed. In terms of social, 43% said that the impact of the channel is responsible for increasing focus.

Email was found to be the channel most likely to be incorporated into marketing attribution (80%), followed by paid search (76%) and SEO (69%).

According to the report, a staggering 89% of companies that carried out marketing attribution claimed to have benefited as a result with the three biggest benefits of attribution highlighted as ‘justifying digital spending’ (70%), followed by ‘building an understanding of the customer journey’ (66%) and ‘optimising the media mix’ (58%).

Econsultancy research director, Linus Gregoriadis, said: “The last-click-wins approach has served the digital industry well, and is a tidy and effective way of allocating credit in a digital environment where direct response and performance have flourished using this formula.

“However, in an increasingly multichannel and data-driven world, a reliance solely on last click now represents a major gamble when more granular - and actionable - information is readily available.”

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